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Awards and Plaques

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Awards Corner Awards & Plaques. This link is the ultimate in recognition product awards to honor extraordinary achievement in reaching and exceeding business, safety, personal and sports goals. Featuring a vast high quality collection of awards in wood, crystal, piano lacquer, metal or in combination for wall, desk , mantle or on general display at various price levels that meet your needs. Call Jack at Beanstalk LogoPromotions for a personal complimentary consultation 866-240-1000

Norwood Crystal awards fine quality collection to wow you. 24% lead crystal selection is dynamite.

R S Owens Famous for the Oscars for the annual Academy Words Ceremony. THE ENVELOPE PLEASE. Eco-friendly plaques made from lyptus, bamboo. Crystal and glass awards. Acrylic awards, Acrylicolor for full color needs. Blue ice, mosaics, Eagle, mahogany,4 color process awards, metal etched, screened aluminum plaques. Photocast awards. Custom cast signage for offices and buildings. Multiple name awards-rosewood, ebony, walnut, pewter and lots more.

American Option Optic Crystal awards in variety of shapes and sizes for the desk. Excellent collection. Optional toppers are for golf, world globe, eagle, swan, star, heart, piano, woman's shoe. etc. Glass trophy vases in choice of colors. Gallery style figurines with swooping Eagles. Metal trophy cups in various sizes. Marble and jade glass awards-some with clock inserts. Picture frame jade glass awards. Very low minimum order.

Art Crystal Westgate Crystal-fine European hand-cut full lead crystal. Fantastic collection of exquisite crystal awards in many different shapes and designs. Engraving and etching on every product in line.

Latham Wall plaques Laser gold or silver frost on piano wood finish. 3 sizes to 9"x12". Laser black metal wall plaques on cherry wood up to 10"x13". Same sizes on shadow boxes. Direct laser engraving on walnut or oak wall plaques up to 9"x12". Jades and crystal too. Generous variety of shapes. Acrylic creative awards too.

Awardcraft Awards in wood, crystal, acrylic, granite, jade marble and porcelain. Min. order 1. Engraving and color-fill.

Century Lucite acrylic awards, any design or shape with or w/o embedment. Also Mylar embedment and bank charter reductions. Practical product Lucite awards. Ex: letter openers, clocks, paperweights. etc.

Creations in Crystal Galileo weather instrument collection combining art with science-some with desk pen and holders in crystal, marble or rosewood bases. Exquisite sand timers and the fascinating SHIP IN A BOTTLE (from the HMS BOUNTY to the USS CONSTITUTION). Nautical and aeronautical creations to knock your eyes out. Hand blown crystal figurines of bull and bear, soaring eagles, horses, deer and wild wild animals-fit any theme.

Crystal D Crystal awards, all shapes, designs and sizes including custom work. Walnut, cherry, rosewood awards. Green: Eco-friendly awards-Recycled from cash, newsprint, bamboo, burlap, corn, grapevine, sunflower, recycled glass raindrops. Unusual stock or custom in fine in crystal and 24% lead crystal. Bowls, vases, obelisks, trays, boxes, paperweights, glassware and fine beverage and ceramic coffee mugs with special engraving. Crystal gavel mounted on walnut or marble base. Mirrored Book Ends w/crystal eagle accents in sets of two. Penny bottles and fanciful "Stress Demons" and The Galileo Weather Center thermometers in large variation of sizes. What a gift! Crystal timers that are hand-blown and replicate timers of past centuries & available in choice of colors. Check out swivel timers too that add an extra feature of crystal, marble or walnut base.

Indiana Metal Craft Keys to the City-brass or antique brass in various designs 6" in length and weighs 3.5 oz. 7.5 inch too as custom size. Mini or full size branding irons in cast brass or pewter with hardwood handles brandishing your logo/message. Coins, medallions, paperweights and anniversary weights and pewter stand Up medallion awards. Stock city series of stand up medallions like Chicago, New York, Boston, Saint Louis etc. to celebrate civic events. NEW WEBSITE FOR 2010.

Innovation Specialties Clear acrylic and jade awards, photo image plaques. Entrapments too.

LSI Fine solid wood or granite awards. Laser engraved. Many practical gift products like clocks, memo holders too. Fine leather products for business and travel from THE LEATHER SOURCE. Recognition Walls-the perfect way to recognize generous contributors or top performers and to motivate others who strive to be included. Bricks made of oak, walnut, cherry, summit stone or colored brick. Customized walls too. Laserwood Acrylic and BLUE acrylic awards. Wood awards. Laser engraved or silk-screened. Low cost line of annual, cumulative or sports awards and trophies. Subsidiary of Washington.

Lucite Sandwich LuciteĀ® clear acrylic awards, fine quality in which certificates of merit or award can be inserted by hand at the factory or by the presenter. Comes in 2 parts in a variation of sizes, square, rectangle or diamond and has special easy-to-work pins that unlock and lock-in the insertion. Card stock or paper thin documents can be inserted with an easy adjustment. Resembles a permanent embedment for that fine quality look.

Fields Business Cards in a Bottle. (Your cards or even nicer are those of your client or recipient). Wood, marble, tile, glass, acrylic. Montage awards & Fine Art framed awards. Special golf framed awards. Factory creates sculptured business card replica of jet plane, house, golfer, fisherman, antique or sports car, salesman, clipper ship, Cessna light plane, helicopter, Liberty torch, cruise ship, oil tanker, eagle, Mississippi River Boat, Jumbo 747 jet, and many more. Just need 20 business cards to finish. Call Beanstalk for more details-866-240-1000.

Benchmark Displays Acrylic awards. Curved Pocket plaques where you can slip in certificates, photos or literature. Horizontal and vertical style curved awards that you can have printed. Flat window pocket plaques. Print plaques. Metal frame plaque. Certificate wall plaque. Event and double plaque. Acrylic plaques with walnut base, triangle or circle award set and a host of other ideas and dimensions. Call Beanstalk LogoPromotions for assistance and special pricing. 866-240-1000

Tropar/Airflyte Wood & acrylic awards and gifts. Clocks, pen holders, jewelry boxes, etc.

Alfa Lead crystal trophies and awards, cups, vases, bowls with solid wood base or acrylic base. Optic crystal awards for golf or performance recognition. Acrylic & jade glass also. Variety of shapes and sizes. Min. order 1 on most of their items.

Designer Selections Stock awards, custom awards and plaques in woods and acrylics, white and green marble for the desk or the wall, tastefully done to your exact specs. Combine timepieces and pens into functional awards. Check out a large selections of acrylic ornaments too.

Proactive Sports Golf awards, trophies and prizes. Extremely original ideas that will fit any budget. Low minimums. Fine ensemble opportunities for the golfer and/or tournaments. Upscale materials like wood and leather. Lamps, bookends, desk organizers and accessories. Putting stands and oak or rosewood display golf ball display cases. A plethora of award ideas including hole-in-one trophies.