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Illini 2 tone whistle available in choice of colors.

Hohner Two hole train whistle. Customized wooden train whistles. Kazoos in 6 diff. colors. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS GALORE: Harmonicas, translucent and/or mini. Mini Harmonica key chains, necklaces and zipper pulls. Jingle sticks, guitar picks and necklaces. Monster picks, tambourines, drumsticks, mini drumstick key chains, batons, egg shakers. All with low minimums with your logo or name. Rush orders accepted-extra charge. Factory accepts only distributor orders-None direct. Log on to this site and enter in search box: Imprinted products to find the item you want. For more details Call: Beanstalk LogoPromotions 866-240-1000 toll free.

Compass Ind. Referee metal whistle, jumbo metal whistle. Excellent quality and worthy of your logo imprint. Also 4 digit tally counter up to 9999.

Mi Line Three-tone whistle, police whistle, compass whistle and really big whistle, plastic. Also combine spiral wristband/split key ring with whistle. Big choice of colors. Clickers too & with key ring. Lanyards can be combined with whistles or clickers. Whistle and compass make a great combination. Fine idea for campers. Direction and loud sounding screech helps the temporarily lost or frightened. Some can be combined with spiral plastic wristbands and neckbands. Handy for coaches, referees, police and security purposes.

Falcon/Avaline Wooden train whistle -large natural wood. 4-note whistles. Train whistle are 2-note whistles and made of natural hardwood. Fast turnaround.

Wow Line Whistles-baseball, basketball, football, soccer-themed ball attachments and 2" metal whistles in 4 different color choices.