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Fields Die cast mini vehicles, helicopters, airplanes- 1:64 scale, 1:43 scale, 1.64 scale,1:72 scale. Some vehicles very long length for authenticity. Check out car carriers, golf carts with steering wheel,1.18 scale.

Ad Specialty/Premiums Match Box® miniature cars and vehicles of all kinds with doors.

Assurance Rubber ducks, frogs with different clever themes and other floatables. Beach balls too.

Fun Place Toy and novelty ideas for kids or the kids in adults, putty, water co sets, kaleidoscopes, fun bubble makers, spinners, chattering teeth, clappers, maracas, kazoos, novelty balls, slinkys. U name it they've got it. This site is a lot of fun to look at and is very user-friendly to find any kind of toy or theme idea for your next event or promotion for firms, schools, organizations, etc.

Falcon/Avaline Wooden hockey sticks and baseball bats. Adult and youth sizes. Miniature hockey and goalie sticks. Miniature/souvenir wooden baseball bats. Wooden drum sticks, wooden mini canoe paddles, tee-zer game boards, wooden tops. Some bats and sticks with pens and key rings.

Gavel Co. Wooden miniature baseball bats, 4", 8", 10" & 22" long. All with clear lacquer finish. My word cubes with custom words for games. Wooden tops that can be laser-engraved-precision turning means long spinning action. Wooden yo-yos too.

Guillow Balsam airplanes flat and easily assembled in packaging that fits corporate or organizational themes.

Hohner Harmonicas and Kazoos. Wooden noisemakers, toy flutes, tambourines, guitar picks, drumsticks

Humphrey Sand pails-plastic in variety of colors and sizes-32 oz.-64 oz. 87 oz. Lids and handled pails too. Recycled products in pails, yo-yos and flyers.

Points of Light Funky Line-a collection of original designs of useful funny looking creatures-wearing sunglasses and wild hair-clock rockers, clock-pen holder, drink-toys with parrot, duck, bear, dog, and devil all designed to sit on edge of your drinking glass or ice cream dish. Custom characters can be created from your specs. Call for details: Toll free: 866-240-1000. Pen sleeves, pens, neck-cord pen , maraca pens, highlighters, computer dusters with heart, calculators, tape measures, magnet clips, stress relievers and wall crawlers all with funky head designs. Wall walkers in the Goofy Group®

RMK Sales Miniature die cast cars, trucks, motorcycles & all vehicles, planes and trains in 7 scales ranging from 1:18 to 1:64. Very High quality. Lots of other games and toys, mini ping pong and mini pinball and table air hockey games. Paddle ball game with Hot colored rainbow paddles. Everything can be printed with your logo.

Premium Radio controlled cars-wireless. Choose off-road racer, off-road monster truck, Lamborghini-yellow, BMW-red Z-4 M coupe, Mercedes-Benz-silver SLR McLaren, Mini Cooper S car All 1:24 scale. Some models 2-channel radio controlled. Custom decal available on remote.

Amerifoam Foam rubber open cell special shaped figures ex: foam rubber balls, funny headwear, booster items, kids toys. Not recommended for children under 3. Featuring small basketball Shur Shot™ or wastebasket set with plastic backboard. Large door mount set with Masonite® backboard or medium sized set with corrugated backboard. Dartboard sets with real darts or Velcro® stick safe darts.

Wow Line Toys galore: 8" Whoopie cushion, paddle ball sets, 2 1/2"round & square colorful coils, 6 & 9" pails and shovels, harmonicas, clackers, and a large variety of unimprintable toys and novelties. 6" Pinwheels in variety of colorful themes including popular sports, ex: baseball, soccer, etc. Stars and strips theme too. Vending machine toys and dental novelties for kids. Treasure chests/value mixes in large plastic containers. 1 1/2" tattoos-variety of designs. Miniature cars, trucks, bus, tanks. Cartoon novelties-Cat in the Hat Figures, SpongeBob figures-all 1.5., etc., metal jacks and ball, action animals, long-haired trolls and a host of other toy novelties.

Keystone Wackee paddles-plastic in variety of colors. Hit the little ball attached to the rubber string as often as you can. Some could do hundreds. Great game for one.