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Puzzles and Tricks

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Norwood Magnetic backed puzzles, games and coloring areas. Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe.

The Chest Puzzles and unique games. Custom puzzles too-you create the size, shape, number of pieces and packaging in minimum of 1000 units-we'll get it done. Call 866-240-1000 toll free with specs for quote. STENCILS FOR KIDS: ANIMALS, SHAPES, FOOD, OUTDOOR STUFF, SKY, PREHISTORIC ANIMALS. Choose poly colors: Kooky coral, sunburst orange, purple pizzazz, electric lime. Lots of other stencil shapes and colors. Click on stencils.

Falcon/Avaline Puzzlers: Natural wooden four-hole, Triax puzzles, string and washers puzzle in natural hardwood

Idea Group Puzzles, lightweight foam & colorful for trade shows, mailings and lots of events. Choose from any array of colors. Puzzles can be converted on assembly to pen-pencil-scissors holder. Classic T puzzle, Square me puzzle that can form 7 different shapes. Dominoes, Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers games can be formed with foam puzzles. Form an airplane or house puzzles.

Prime Line Mood Dude™Rubik's® Cube. Stock Krazy Cube. Panel Rubik's Cubes-full size and mini size. Micro Rubik's Cube key holder. Original Rubik's cubes in 9 panel stock image or custom. Rubik's® appears on all cubes-your assurance of real brand name-not an inferior knock off.

Anthony Line Wood puzzles with choice of animal and seafood figures. Low cost flat and sealed in poly bags. Excellent promotion for theme related ideas for adults or kids.

Fun Place Zenith Puzzles-maze puzzler, six-sided maze puzzle, acrylic cube puzzles, min-acrylic cube puzzles w/key ring.