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Noisemakers-Party Favors-Decorations

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Beistle Party favors, costume items for any occasion. Large selection.

Howw Glassware-festive occasion. No one can match this selection.

Vonco Thunderstix® noisemakers. Some w/stock American Flag on surface. Candy Canes (plastic display) and stock design Holiday stockings. Holiday stock design bags.

J Hats Party hats and headwear for themes for parties, skits, occasions. Lots of novelty themed accessories. Sombreros and maracas. Straw and cowboy hats. Hawaiian Luau collection too.

Jet Line Maracas in choice of 10 different colors including translucent. Star shaped clapper, hand shaped clapper & tambourines.

Points of Light Maracas (Cha cha®) on a pen rope in 4 different colors. Pop-It Cha Cha® maraca/bottle opener. Also Toy Cha Cha or Hooty Tooty Sport Horn®

Wow Line Maracas and tambourines. Noisemakers like star shaped, hand shaped, bell shaped clackers. Harmonicas in choice of 4 or assorted colors. Kazoos 4" in neon or white. 7 1/2" hand clackers, star shaped too. Luau leis, silk flower wristlets and combs and many more decorative ideas for luaus.