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Gliders, Balsa or Foam

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Guillow Balsa gliders with wingspan range 8"-12". Low minimums are perfect as mail inserts or coupon backed redemptions and for corporate campaigns viz: Things are really flying high, Your business will hit a jet stream, Discover new heights, etc. Vast collection of foam gliders with imprinting minimum of 5000 units for corporate campaigns. Biplanes, monoplanes to Douglas or Boeing jets, Stealth Saucer. Let us put your precious logo on these high flyers. They really fly. See your business really take-off. During 2003 New 2 foot wing span Jumbo Jet flies over 50 feet. New 1903 Centennial Flyer celebrating 100 years of powered flight, non-flying foam shelf model with 11 1/2" wing span. 1000 pc. minimum. Only 1.00 each-special price. 1st successful Wright Brothers flight 12-17-1903.