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Evans Flyers-choice of colors featuring 9", 7 1/4" or 4" flying plastic flyer. Available in custom packs with plastic visor and sunglasses.

GraphCo 9" flying plastic discs or 7'' variety. Choice of colors and glow-in-the-dark. Netted Fun kits include stadium cup/yoyo/beach ball or floating key ring or create your own Fun kit.

Humphrey Flyers. Lots of different colors of fine quality 9" flyers

Illini Flyers. Different colors and variety of neon of 9" discs.

Bullet Line Flyers. Lots of different colors standard size 9 1/4

Gary Line of 9" transparent flyers. Some can come with insert card with message or coupons. Glow-in-the-dark flyers too. 5" min flyers and professional style 117 gram flyer is perfect for beach or park. Lots of colors to choose from.

Keystone 9" plastic flyers available in solid and translucent colors. Low cost. Low min. 3 day rush service with up-charge. Four color process printing inserts for 9" flyers. 4" mini flyers and fling rings.

Jet Line Plastic flyers 9" Diameter in choice of 6 colors. Low pricing.

Ad Master 9 1/4" flying disks designed for a longer flying time. Choose from 11 colors including neon. Featuring also 9 1/2" Whiz flying ring made from durable lightweight plastic. 9 colors available. Excellent marketing tie in "We are running rings around the competition", etc. Express 3 day service too.

Pro Rose Flyers in 9" and 7". Choose or order assortment of colors: Blue, red, white, granite, yellow, translucent green or blue, neon green, pink or yellow. Well constructed. Perfect for picnics as plate holder for cheaper paper plates, parties, fund raisers, schools.

Atlantex Sports ball saucers. They come flat in baseballs, basketballs, volleyball, tennis and golf ball motif and are easily assembled into a neat flying saucer. No plate or set-up charges. Includes printing two sides-one color. Minimum order 5000. 30-40 day turnaround.

Handy Products Flying discs. Soar in the air with collapsible 8" or 10" nylon flying discs. Pouches optional. Available in 5 different colors.

Simba Line Flying discs. Great themed idea of sales that will take-off or soar with 10" foldable nylon flyer with/or without printable pouch. Available in 5 different colors.