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Sewing Kits

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Perfect Line Deluxe travel sewing kit w/suede touch zippered vinyl pouch in 3 different vinyl colors. Book style travel sewing kit, 2-in-1 combo travel sewing kit and nail care set.

AdMatch Sewing kits great for themed promotions or travel

Tagmaster Compact sewing kits, pre-threaded sewing kit, and handy sewing kit with mirror. Sewing kit in a luggage tag.

Quick Point Lint remover brush and sewing kit combo in a white compact case-1 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 5/8". Perfect travel companion.

WaldorLow cos sewing kits in see-thru vinyl case

Target Line Sewing kits-In plastic box, Mini sewing kit in small pillow box. Deluxe sewing kit. Oval sew kit with mirror. Square sew kit too.