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Adva-Lite Pen lights some w/key rings. Low cost. Variety of colors.

Ad-Tek Book lights. Some with magnifiers. Works on dual power. Flexible book light available in two different case colors.

Hartleigh LED flashlights/w key ring-pocket. LED hand held min flashlight that stays on without hand pressure (2 AA batteries included.) Squeeze lights too. All reliable quality. Variety of case colors.

Coleman by Jarden Custom Coleman® outdoor flashlights and lanterns. Stormbeam™ Dynamo flashlight or with radio and charger. Lantern. Dual Action WideBeam™ light, 4D Camp lantern, 4D Pack-Away® LED lantern, 8D LED lantern. Sundome® tent 7'x7'. Woodsman™ chair.

Fields Flashlights, hand powered with strap (squeeze handle to charge battery).  Metal LED flashlights, large and small.  Questor metal flashlight.  Carabiner flashlights.  Metal pocket flashlights with whistle and key ring available in four different colors. Small barrel shaped pocket flashlights w/key rng.

Brico Flashlights, lanterns. clip light & torch light pens.

Compass Ind. Maglite® flashlights. Solitaire flashlight. All available in gift case with batteries. Ensemble a Victorinix® Swiss Army Knife or Fisher® ball point pen with Mag-lite® or Solitaire® for that very special gift.

K & R Instruments Pen lights and space age flashlights. Some w/key chains and magnifier.

Lumilite Flashlights-large and small-hand-held.

Minya Collections BOOK LIGHT -flashlight-silver. Adjustable focus. Converts to flashlight or book light with easy turn. 2 AAA batteries incl. 3 in 1 travel mate. Converts to foldable book light, folds to handy flashlight and is travel alarm too. Check out their mini book light/flash- light.

Points of Light MAG-LITE® flashlights. Some with carabiner key fobs.

Pacific Line Pocket flashlights in variation of styles and colors including translucent colors. Mini car-shape, SUV-shape, oval, oval mini with LED bright white bulb. Slot machine style flip-top flashlight, translucent slot machines too.

Bay State Squeeze-a-light pocket flashlights with or without key chains. Special presentation packaging makes this a very up-scale appearing gift.

Prime Line Editor Book light. Nighthawk Finger light. Robo-Light. Lighted magnifier.

Selsi Optics Book lights, adjustable & battery operated. Flexible cable light w/pocket clip.

Acura Flashlight and book light combination. Easy conversion and available in silver/black or transparent blue case. Comes also with ballpoint pen in smart gift set. Blue LED flashlight key chain.

TagMaster Low and medium cost hand-held flashlights including Flex-Lite™ that points in any direction with clip for shirt or belt. Large choice of color in red-eye mouse or slim whistle key light. Also clever looking mini-flashlights 2 1/2" x 1`1/2" with replaceable AAA battery. Lots of other good looking small flashlights to light the keyhole or handy around any project in the home or office.

Webb Company Flashlights, matte finish or anodized aluminum. Some come with key rings or carabiner key fobs. Better ones are gift boxed. Some very high quality and a variety of low cost 6" long two tone plastic flashlights. Mini-flashlights. Spotlights, emergency magnetic lights, rechargeable 12 volt light and durable plastic lantern in 6 translucent colors. Tap lights in sports ball shapes. Just tap it and it goes on or off.

Star Line Searchlights-2-in-1 with 2.5 m candle power. Searchlight with 1 m candle power-yellow and black-hand-held. Searchlights-3 in 1 with 7.5 m candle power-black. All rechargeable. Large selection of hand-held flashlights-many with LED bulbs for high intensity. Pocket flashlights with carabiner or conventional key fobs. Solar dynamic flashlight. Dynamo radio/flashlight. Dynamo lantern. Indoor/outdoor floating lantern-weather-proof design. Krypton flashlight with wide angle focus. Water resistant. Portable utility light for auto repair or camping.

Next Pocket flashlights with key chains/fobs in Mini-Mantis shapes, one with a swivel head or silver cruiser car shape. Powerful LED light. Batteries included.