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Badges, Convention ID

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ID Line-Halls Badges. Great selection. Great selection of all materials and sizes. Fulfillment a specialty. Ship what you need now and store the (prepaid) balance that you order later.

Alumaline Brass or aluminum badges in gold or silver in various sizes for engraving. No storage and fulfillment available. Aluminum badges in sheriff stars and special shapes. Ultraprint full color aluminum name badges too.

Aura Plastic badges-over-laminated or surface imprinted with choices of clips. Bathing tags. Custom shaped vinyl badges and engravable badges. Vinyl window badges. Self-stick lapel badges. Heat Sealed convention badges, convention badge holders. Imprinted convention badges in variation of colors. Deluxe convention badges, Vertical card holders. Badge holder inserts. Imprinted lanyards too or plastic/metal bead chains

Berlekamp 3-D stock plastic badges, custom too. Computer data plates. Storage name plates.

California Wallet Neck wallet s-high quality 420-600 denier Nylon neck wallets. Some with 2 open pockets, zippered pockets and clear pocket, bi-fold and tri-fold neck wallets with variety of pockets and compartments. Choose from 4 or more nylon colors. Perfect for trade shows for visitors and exhibitors.

Alfa Neck wallet badge holders-nylon with generous choice of colors. High quality 420D and 600D quality. Single and bi-fold necklace badge holders in various popular sizes.

Evergreen Sheriff badges- die struck authentic looking. Also probation and parole board official looking badges, State Highway Patrol, State Police or Security Guard official looking badges. Some combine with classy cloisonné emblems which show detail in extraordinary way. Select from gold, silver or nickel plating. Never a die charge or setup. Pre-production samples at modest cost available.

EMT Badges, sheriff or police, detective, Fire Dept., transit authority. Every element customized to fit your specifications-any size or shape-NO EXTRA CHARGE. Gold or nickel plated or other finishes. Metal name badges too. 2"-3 1/4" sizes. Attachments: Safety pin or 2 butterfly clutches.

FRS Industries Badges. engravable. Custom shaped. Variety of sizes and colors. Tamper resistant, scratch resistant, easy to read, easy to clean. Screen printed badges also. Ribbons available in stock designs and colors to connect to badges.

Innovation Specialties Retractable badge holders. Choice of colors. Translucent badges with bulldog clips-Vertical and horizontal. 4 color process printing avail.

Key-Bak Badge holder/retractors-largest in the world. Round, square and tear-drop design. the retractable device is recognized by U.S. Government as the most reliable and long lasting in the USA.

Next Retractable badge holders in special shapes: Ex: Heart, star, round-all in N-dome and Dura panel. Swivel bulldog clips-a 32" retractable cord-longer than standard. Lanyards too with variety of clips and colors in 3/4" width or custom look in woven imprint 1/2" or 3/4".

Knobby Kraft Plastic custom and stock badges-light weight- in variation of sizes, shapes, and styles. Police badges, 5 star sheriff badges and airline pilot wings are stock and can be customized with your organization. Ideal for junior troopers, police, fire fighter & sheriff. Available with clip, pin or adhesive backing. Custom molded or stock lapel plastic pins. Lots of choices including ornaments.

Meetings Direct Meeting and gathering name badges. Convention nametag pouches. One holds money, agenda, tickets, business cards, keys in zippered compartment and has 4"x3" insert with adjustable cord-lock and pen loop. Budget nametag pouch. Meeting Powerâ„¢ pouch. Vast title names selection and color coded badges. See stack-a-ribbon awards. Name table-tent stock for seating arrangements/laser printer compatible. Big Show Badge case. Click! Case Badge Case. Wooden nametag organizer. Vinyl name tag holders. Custom gold imprinted roll ribbon 3/8" & 7/8" in you choice of color. Certificate plaque and slip-in sign holders. Huge registration envelopes and #10 too. Registration file box. Stock roll raffle tickets, acrylic raffle drums. ID color coated ID bracelets or one-day ID bracelets. Registration envelope file boxes. Translucent registration envelopes and vinyl vertical registration envelopes. FULFILLMENT PROGRAM FOR NAME TAG SERVICE-GIVE FACTORY YOUR LIST VIA E-MAIL OR DISK AND THEY WILL DO THE REST. We will make arrangements.

Perfect Line Plastic badges, color-coded, badge & badge holder/retractors in colors. Badge holders and double pocket pit pass.

Rainbow of California ID and badge holders neck wallets with zippered pockets 4 5/8" or 4 3/4" x 4" badge holders with clear front pocket and neck strap. Perfect for conventions, trade shows, security ID badges and passport, ticket or boarding pass holder 4 3/4" x 8" at airport check-ins when hands are busy. Armband ID holder 4 3/4" x 4". Check out other varieties too. All made from 600 Denier strong material.

Teraco Laminated plastic badges with write-on strip or embossed tape channel. Tape avail. Choice of pin style. 2500 or more features very attractive pricing.

Fields Trade show badge pouches and retractable badge holders and complete line of lanyards.

Atlantis Excellent collection of retractable badge holders imprinted with your logo in generous choice of colors including translucent colors. Choose from round, square, hexagon or triangle. Standard back clip for all models.

Erell Pit passes, credentials holders and badge holders in clear vinyl-various sizes. Variety of clips. Inserts can be imprinted for a neat package. Low cost.