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Tools & Tool Kits

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Alexander Pocket screwdrivers and with reversible blades, lots of handle colors and a 5 day turn-around. Choice of square or Phillips blades. Super Tri-Ad barrel gives u lots of ad space. Extra large handle Big Jake™ reversible screwdriver. Round 3-in-1 set, 4 in 1 and 6 in 1 too. 10-in-1 gives you a toolbox in a single tool. Ratcheting, auto-drive, 7 or 8-in-1 driver. Big choice of barrel colors. Excellent collection of survivor handi-tools for multi-functions. Telescoping inspection mirrors, magnetic pickup & pointer. Key-Stik™ Handi drivers w/split key ring. Lots of colors handle colors. See them for custom-designed hand tools too. New! Vernier™ Caliper for precise measurements of outside or inside diameter, width, length, depth and thickness and is low cost. Choose from purple, red, green and yellow.

BMI Aluminum alloy Levels-5 year warranty on vials against leakage or breakage. Variety of lengths up to 48 inches. Also less expensive levels some with key chains. Professional quality screwdrivers with a variety of slots. Voltage tester too.

Brico Tools, tool sets, 4 & 5-in 1 screwdriver sets, variety of bit sets. 15 pc. tool set with socket adapter, 20, 24 and 41 pc. set too. 18-in 1 stainless steel compact unit survival kit.

Compass Ind. Multi-function stainless steel tools.

K & R Precision Tool kits. Handy computer tool kit., flashlight tool kit.

Mi Line Pocket screwdrivers and with reversible blades. Lots of different colors and thickness. Magnetic pick-up screwdrivers too. Show them you have all the tools to do them good.

Points of Light Multi-function tools. Multi-tip screwdriver with light-variety of trim colors.

Logomark Folding pliers knife, 16-in-1 pocket tool, 4 or 10 function stainless pocket knife, 5 and one money clip with two blades and scissors. Steel lockback knife and big variety of handy pocket tools like steel and wood knives and bar tool. Tape measures too.

Justin Case Tool kits for emergency auto, motorbike repairs. Starter and first aid kits too.

Star Line Multi-function tool wrenches. Fine quality. Stainless steel adjustable needle nose pliers, hammers, micro metal pliers or scissors. Emergency tool kits 18, 29, 40, 64 pieces. Mini garden sheers. Power drivers too.

Jet Line Screwdrivers-pen sized and variety of tool kits for big and small jobs anywhere.

Generation Line Gift tools and tool kits. Excellent collection.

High Caliber Stainless steel and large wood handle tools. Large variety of multi-functional tools including hammer and pliers. Stainless steel folding knife with carrying case or with karabiner for belt loop.

Great Neck Levelers including magnetic torpedo levels-9" V-groove in aluminum or plastic, 7 1/2" magnetic V-groove torpedo level-plastic, tool box level & 5" pocket level. 24" ruler and level combo,24" molded plastic level and one with top view vial. Tool sets include 51 pc. and 140 pc. set for home and auto. Many other tool sets in variety of number of pieces. Variety of special use professional screwdrivers too.

Precision Tool Magnetic retrievers and T-handle ratcheting screwdriver indicate an extraordinary collection of precision and handy tools for the home or office. Screwdriver w/belt clip. Multiple use pliers and angle ratcheting & magnetic screwdriver-one 8 in 1comes with light. Lots of other useful tools.

Tag Master Tool kits including Compact 12 volt Air Compressor and Air-Master 3-in-1 Compressor.

Webb Company Tool kits including 5-in-1 bit pack. 4-in-1 screwdriver. 26 pc. tool pouch. 29pcs. tool kit. 19 pc. tool kit. Flashlight tool box featuring 25 pcs. Exacto knife and squeegee and large variety of handy hand tools to fix or measure anything.