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Tape Measures

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BMI Soft tape measure specialist. Bra-tape. Headgear tape. Shoemaker. Newborn. Livestock. Braille. Glove. Crotch-cloth and vinyl coated to meet specs of top quality sector of the market. Tailor's or seamstress' tape measure-PVC coated polyester fiber tapeline for true look and feel. White on both sides and w/metal clips on each end to prevent fraying. Standard measuring scales avail. are inches, metric or analogical-1/2 inches-1/2 metric. European made. Tape measure of jokes too. Automatic return tapes too in variety of case shapes. Mini-cut seam ripper-designed for safety-with a folding blade.

Norwood Metal retractable tape measures w/choice of measuring scales.

Bay State Plastic-cased tape measures galore. Steel tapes from 6' to 25'. Soft tapes too. Business card size. Liquid levels too. too.

Alexander Tape measures, Pro series automatics. Tape measures w/leveler.

Diversified Ad-Tees Tape measure in black or white plastic case. 10 ft. locking yellow tape.

K& R Precision Tape measures 6 or 10 ft. and 12" levelers.

Tag Master Low-cost plastic-cased tape measures. Some in soft tape.

Points of Light Tape measures. Lengths range 6'-10' & 25 feet with READ EASY yellow Blades-Patented AUTO STOP blade. Belt Clip on back and belt loop. All black with yellow trim. 4 color process printing at the one color price.

Mi Line Tape measures in short and long footage and they retract. Business card with leveler. Soft fabric 5' tape. Yellow and black imported high quality tape measures at surprisingly low prices.

Quick Point Low-cost theme shaped tape measures in various colors. House shape 6' tape measure w/key chain/ring available in variety of colors. Red apple tape measure w/key chain/ring. Soft tape measures. Deluxe lighted tape measure with bright LED light or with tape measure/key ring. 12', 16' or 25' metal tape measures too.

Star Line Rubber tape measures and clear view tape measures 10, 16 and 25 feet. Translucent cased 10' ones also. Circle tape measure 60".

Ferrare Line Retractable tape measures with loop strap for the belt. Sleek levels-torpedo too. 6' Business card tape measures. 3' with key chain and level tape measure. Fiberglass long tape 165 feet, 100 feet or 66 feet in retractable reel. Metal calipers for measuring thickness of plastic or other materials. Avail in metal or plastic. Metric scales available too.

Webb Company Tape measures, very large variety of unique and clever shapes and designs, stainless steel or plastic.