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Sand Timers

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AITG Sand timers. 3 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 hour. Polished pewter, silver-plated brass, Silver plated zinc alloy with Swarovskiâ„¢ crystal, gold plated brass and a host of other metal combinations. Printing can be enhanced on both sides. Various sizes and looks. Note: Decorative accessories, not accurate timing devices.

Webb Company Sand timer-"Hourglass" features clock, alarm and hour glass countdown. Choice of 7 colors. 3 or 5 minute sand timers. Some with silver or gold finish.

Ace Products Quick set timer, large display timer/clock, digital timer, two tone timer, magnet back timer, red apple shaped timer, memo clip timer, gourmet chef timer, digital sand timer that counts down from 99 minutes and 55 seconds.

Wow Line Sand timers-low cost 2 or 3 minutes-3 12/" long available in assorted colors only.

Minya Sand timer-black marble 5r minute. with 4" diameter marble top. Cherry wood 3 minute mini sand timer.

MDS Sand timers. Solid brass or hardwood walnut finish 3 or 5 minute timers. Deluxe solid brass and genuine green marble. Gift boxed.