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Fly Swatters

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Ad Master Plastic flyswatters in variety of shapes, viz: house, heart, target and traditional 6 different colors. Express 3 day service.

Gold Bond Plastic flyswatters 15" x 4 1/4" Available in 8 colors.

Mi Line Plastic flyswatters in interesting variety of shapes, 4 Aces (playing cards), foot, stop sign (hexagon), house, guitar, SWAT (spelled out on swatter) or standard shape. Mini sizes in some shapes too. Lots of colors too.

Gary Line Plastic flyswatters in 16" and in shapes viz: target, house, foot, stop sign, smile. Custom shapes available too. Variety of colors on all swatters. Union made in USA.

Keystone Giant 16" plastic fly swatters in conventional shape in variety of colors.