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Perfect Match Bookmarks made of light gold plated metal and available as attachments in 2", 4" & 6" length for cloisonné, domed, etc. emblems.

Superb Bookmarks in heavy gauge gold or silver. Some w/tassels. Custom etched bookmarks. Reverse side-ruler or calendar. Letter opener bookmarks too with special theme shaped hand grips.

Tag Master Bookmarks with a large selection of fun characters like Happy Face, Giggles the Clown, Teddy Bear, Snowman, Elroy, Johnny Apple Head, Daisy Mae, Frederick Frog, Bessie Cow, Leonardo Lion, etc. 5 3/8" x 4".

Strong Leather bookmarks. Some with arrow tips. Top grain cowhide in different sizes.

Alexander 3 power low cost magnifiers/bookmarks/rulers combo. Special themed headers/house, computer, TV set, apple, heart, rectangle or world ball.

Alumaline Aluminum bookmarks-various shaped.

Idea Group Bookmarks printed in beautiful, digital, full color, on glossy stock, laminated both sides in variety of top shapes to match your themes. Full area bleeds ok. Stock rectangular bookmark, 6" ruler, 12" ruler too.

Lion Circle Paper bookmarks, laminated and available in stock and/or custom shapes. Offset printing and digital printing (suitable when multiple colors are needed) are your choice. 2nd side imprinting ok. Optional tassels in wide choice of colors.

Pilgrim Plastics Medical alert bookmarks with safety tips, ruler bookmarks, and rectangular bookmarks with choice of tassel colors.

Symphony Line Pleasantly scented special-paper bookmarks, all hand-made. Also choose message bookmarks that contain seeds and are plantable-2" x 7" with raffia tie tassels. U create the message, prayer or saying and it will be printed by Okina Symphony. Large selection of scents.

TradeNet Bookmarks. Best collection anywhere. All sizes & shapes laminated. Low cost too.

Ventura Bookmarks-rectangular with or without strings-.10 pt. coated stock. Variety of sizes. Up to 4 color fine quality litho printing.

Wov-in Line Bookmarks with woven imprint. 1"w X 9" with sewn tab. Choice of 27 colors. Imprint can be woven-gold, platinum, elite, or classic.