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Illini Toothbrushes for adults, kids and travel size in variety of colors. Soft Tynex® nylon bristles from Dupont. Travel toothbrush caddy. Toothbrush holder.

Bretton Square High quality toothbrushes for adults and for children including angled shaped and diamond shaped head. Toothbrush holders too. Wide variety of colors. Perfect for health care, dentists, schools etc.

API Line Toothbrush covers, toothpaste winders, Ezy floss 'N' Pix boxes (contains 20 disposable flossers).

Masters of Marketing Toothbrushes for adults, kids, including angle toothbrushes. Travel toothbrushes. Anti-bacterial toothbrush cap. Professional size dental floss dispensers. Credit card dental floss dispensers. Johnson and Johnson® waxed floss or Reach® waxed floss. Cotton swab pack. Special combo dental kits can be put together with your logo on each item.