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Stress Relievers

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Ariel Stress relievers. U name the shape and design-they probably have it or can get it done. Its their core product. Naturally a vast selection. Newest: Yoga girl stress reliever.

Prime Line Stress relievers. Big time selection of every shape. New shapes added often.

Alpi Line Stress relievers-large collection including vehicles and whimsical animals, fish, reptiles and birds. Lots of food items. Check out liquid wave.

Cool Line Stress relievers. Large selection of different ones in categories: Animals/fish, balls, fruits and vegetables, human body parts and medicine replicas, vehicles, desk electronics, & large miscellaneous collection. Key tags with stress relievers available.

Launch Line Stress relievers galore: Animals, food items, balls, vehicles, body parts, capsules, home and work and variety of other clever replicas.

Perfect Line Low cost stress relievers. Good selection.

Pilgrim Plastics Home of stress-testing cards & rulers. They invented it. Of course a large variety. Perfect mailer.

Norwood Stress relievers. Very large collection of every shape imaginable.

Target Line Stress relievers-large variety including stick people shapes viz: smile face, globe, heart, star, hard hat. Bounce back stress relievers-round.

Jet Line Stress relievers in very special animal shapes including a bone. Lots of other shapes too. Some connected to key chains.

All in One Line Back massager. Quad ball accupressure design in translucent blue. Click on AIO-BCKMS on this site to easily locate this item.

Galactic These are balloons stuffed with safe material that makes them squeezable and fun Stress Pal Relievers. Up to 60 different stock images-Ex: happy face, laughter, professor with glasses, cowboy, winking, devilish, football, king, etc. These are biodegradable and photo degradable. Must be kept in room temperature cool environment.