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Medical Implements

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Adva-Med NO LONGER A SITE HERE BUT ALL PRODUCTS AVAILABLE. Scissors:5 1/2" bandage scissors w/colored handles. 5 1/2" satin finish bandage scissors. 7 1/2" utility trauma shears. Hammers: 7 1/2" Taylor hammer, 6"-13" telescoping Babinski (Queenshead) hammer. 7 3/4" buck hammer. CPR mask w/1-way valve and case. Eye occluder. Aluminum Adjustable cane. EKG caliper. Nurses pocket organizer white. Oxygen cylinder wrench. Single head Stethoscope. Dual head stethoscope. Economy stethoscope. Locking stethoscope. All professional quality. Logo printing includes laser and/or screen printing your logo/message. Call Beanstalk LogoPromotions 866-240-1000 toll free for current pricing and details.

Global Health Marketing Stethoscope I.D. tags-polypropylene-square with wide choice of colors and rectangle shapes in white. Custom shapes available. Promise Land Pals for stethoscopes in stock shapes: bunny, raccoon, kitten, mouse, butterfly, elephant, bee or dog.-Perfect for examining kids. Stethoscope-"Bell" holders-polypropylene also. Utility shears 7 1/4" with optional imprint or 5 1/2"-no imprint-surgical steel blades with one serrated edge-polypropylene handles-choice of 13 different colors. 2 year quality performance guarantee. Taylor hammer-choice of rubber head colors. Sprague Rappaport Adscope™, Proscopes™, Prosphyg™ stethoscopes. Disposable scope. Velcro latex tourniquet. Adult tongue depressors 6" x 3 /4" sterile-wrapped-your logo on wrapper. All for the medical professional.

Promotreds OB/GYN stirrup covers-Mauve and made of comfortable polyurethane foam. Provides a soft,warm, non-slip surface. Disposable for utmost sanitary usage. Available with or without your logo or message. One color imprint limit. Sold in pairs. For details and free sample please call Beanstalk LogoPromotions 866-240-1000.

Little Rapids Medical examining room products. All products available with imprint. Call 866-240-1000 for details and pricing. Exam table paper-high quality, medical grade in smooth or crepe finish in multiple sizes. Professional towels-disposable-usable as baby scale liner, dental bib and general clean-up. Avail. in blue, white or mauve in multiple sizes and ply combinations. Chiropractic table paper with smooth or crepe finish in variety of styles and sizes. Capes and gowns-standard tissue and tissue/poly/tissue. Drapes-economical product for draping patient or equipment avail. in poly-backed or tissue-only styles. Multiple sizes, colors and ply combinations available. Ask about non-woven sports therapy shorts, pillows-quickly inflates, white lab coats, pillow cases too. Site not available-diagrams can be e-mailed.