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Water Bottled

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Once you've found what you want, call us at 866-240-1000, and we will help you in selecting sizes, colors, logo imprints.

Chameleon Pure spring water in bottles with custom printing of full four color process labels. 9.65 oz. , 12 oz, 16.9 oz., 23.7 oz. or 33.8 oz. sizes. Choose from flat cap or sport cap. These are truly walking billboards. Perfect for hotels, health clubs or fairs, restaurants, trade shows. 40 bottles per case lots for smaller bottles. 24 to case for others and 12 per case for the large sizes. Fulfillment programs can be tailored to your delivery and storage needs in CA or nearby States. CA redemption Value (CRV)-about 2 1/2 cents and 5 cents per bottle for P33 will be added to California shipped orders. Free speculative sample labels. Call us at 866-240-1000 toll free.

Lanco Natural spring water in custom labeled bottles. Can be packaged w/power candy bars, M & Ms, jelly beans, or water bottle lanyard straps and zippered nylon totes.