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Once you've found what you want, call us at 866-240-1000, and we will help you in selecting sizes, colors, logo imprints.

A La Carte Ad Pops (lollypops)-some sugar-free, Chocolate coins, foil wrapped, ball park peanuts (in the shell), mints in flats like house, truck, heart, bulb, business card. Chocolate bars 1 oz-9 oz. Snack mix or variety of fortune cookies in Chinese take-out boxes-choice of box colors. Optional cello-wrapped plastic chopsticks. Granola bars-oats/honey or chocolate chip. Energy bars too. Coated gum in convenient sleeves. Microwave popcorn-stock design or custom printed up to 4 color process. Mini or full roll of Lifesaver type mints. Choice of candy in clear plastic boxes in various shapes, ex: bulb, house, heart, star, etc. Pillow pack variety of candies-Ex. Peppermint swirls, mints, etc. Tins-round, rectangular, star shaped-choice of candy, mints. Cotton candy or candy for mug stuffers-cello wrapped. Candy canes-short and long. Treasure chest packs. Pill bottles-mints, jelly beans, etc. Gourmet cookies-cello wrapped or packed in large tins with same or variety. Chocolate-coated pretzels in tins. Caramel corn or popcorn in movie reel tins. Gumball machines-empty or gum ball filled. Apothecary jars with large choice of candy or pretzels. Fulfillment programs available. Your logo will look great on these memorable and cost-effective gift choices.

Chocolate Chocolate Molded chocolate in any shape you want. Mix dark and milk chocolate in bars. Custom logo cookies too. Cookies with cocoa packages. Custom bright Italian foiled pieces in various stock shapes and colored wrappers. Special event chocolates. Old fashioned candy bars with customized wrappers over foil wrap. Thank You and Safety campaigns with stock wrappers. Your logo molded in a business card size chocolate bar neatly boxed in metallic gold, silver, red or matte white. White chocolate not available except in large quantity orders.

Chocolate Inn Molded chocolate of all kinds and shapes. Wrapped in foil and or boxed. Fulfillment lists welcome.

ClikClak The original CLIK CLAK™ tins in a variety of colors and shapes containing your choice of mints. Pocket tins, Tool Box™ tins with handle, business card case, Quick Flip™ Gum tins, meltdown Mint™ strips. Bubble Jars™ and Gel Pops in the ultimate replica of your logo. Custom tins available too.

Del Rey Candy, mints, nuts in a very creative collection of containers & shapes. Fortune cookies. Gumball machines. Good theme tie-ins. Sport dispensers in shapes of football, basketball, car, baseball, soccer ball, golf ball, plastic executive decision-maker slot machine replica, a safe, cellular phone, computer monitor, computer mouse, pyramid, ruler, house, $, No. 1, USA map, bi-plane, movie reel, heart, pill bottles, etc. Tins and cellophane bags too. All shipped fresh from factory. Fulfillment lists welcome.

M&Ms M&Ms in packages 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz. 1" with your logo and/or message on each traditional chocolate filled M&M in a vast array of colors or assorted. Custom packaging available with your imprinted 4 color process logo art. In warm weather areas or hot time of year you get overnight service at ground rates. Call 866-240-1000 for details and special pricing.

Preston Farms Popcorn for microwave, special packaging in stock designs with your logo or custom designed for your logo. Tin styles are 1/2 gallon-holds 5, 10, 25 microwave bags. Movie reel tins small or large holds 2-5 microwave bags. 1 or 2 gallon attractive holiday season stock art, Thank You, or your custom logo. Choose butter or white cheddar, caramel or candy coated, caramel chocolate drizzle/ships November thru February only. Popcorn gift cartons shaped like house. Individual serving bags of popcorn. Custom or stock concession bags. Popcorn tubs with your logo. Fulfillment orders directly to your gift list available. Call Beanstalk LogoPromotions for quotations and details. No direct factory orders accepted.

Hospitality Mints Mints-small containers. Packaged mints for hotels and other special places.

Jornik Walnuts in miniature sacks. l lb. or individual nuts in a box. Print your logo on each walnut and on sack with clever theme messages. Avail. in 10, 25 and 50 lb quantities. Nutcrackers included. Made in U.S.A.

Lanco Candies, chocolates, packaged mints and M & Ms. Creative packaging for your promotion. Will fulfill.

Admints & Zagabor Mints in variety of packaging of large or small hand-held mint tins in silver or white. Snap-top tins, plastic mint cards, pill bottles, breath strips. Mints in wine bottles, glass heart-shaped jars and mint candy boxes with 5 sided-4 color process printing with signature peppermints. Choice of 7 flavors. Chocolate bars and gum ball machines too. Mailing tubes for sending mints with your advertising. Lots of slogans to go with mint promotions.

Maple Ridge Farms Chocolates, toffee, nuts, cheeses, etc. Special engraving on wooden box containers that are retained after goodies are eaten. Fulfillment available. Special baskets of big selection of goodies too.

Mid-Nite Snax Candy, chocolates, cookies , nuts etc. in tins and other creative packaging. Good selection. Custom wrapped chocolate bars or granola bars-honey and oats. PowerBars® or overwrapped PowerBars®. Gum packs. Mints in various flavors wrapped and topped with your fulfilled business card, mints in tins. Header bags with your choice of candy. Window bags of mints or other candies 6"x4" with romance card. Lifesavers® full roll with custom wrapper or individually wrapped. Lollypops, popcorn, fortune cookies, carmelcorn, potato chips, pretzels, chocolate coins. Slot machine boxes with wrapped candy. Dice, playing cards, poker chips wrapped candy. Varieties of candy and nuts in selection of different shapped tins. Apothecary jars or candy-filled. M & Ms-various colors.

Hickory Farms Famous name goodies of Tasteful Rewards™ include meats, cheeses, fruits and special baskets and packaging. Fulfillment too. Big time selection from Hickory Farms®, Pfaelzer®, Mission Orchards™ for the world's finest fresh pears. Unique ideas for pears that will make your mouth water. Creative packaging with other fruits, baked goods etc. Squire's Choice™ provides you big time variety of fresh nuts, cookies, cakes, popcorn, English toffee, pecan clusters and a host of other exciting sweets for that perfect office gift. Provide a list of recipients/addresses and Beanstalk LogoPromotions will have everything sent to your designated clients/friends. You do not have to see or handle anything. We do it all for you with an easy fulfillment program. Call 866-240-1000 for pricing and advertising imprint information.

Taylor & Grant Chocolates, candies and cookies. Classy line. Fulfillment available.

Gourmet Gems Gemmies and Gourmet treats to test the most discerning taste buds and with a fine selection of Gemmies (chocolate coated covered sunflower seeds) packed in stackable cylinders, tiny hearts or tubes. Sesame crunchers, Bar-B-Q Jumble, Triple cheese medley or oriental mosaic (rice and cheese crackers mix). Handmade chocolate in individual pieces or bars and killer pecans, cran nut mix. Honey toasted sun seeds. Caramel walnuties, largo lime or lemon twist cookies, Choco bisquares, chocolate and vanilla tea drops. Ahead-of-the-curve tasteworthy). Their flavored coffee and tea selection make an especially delightful gift combo with cookies. Presentation packaging rounds out and completes the look of 1st class treats in "not-your-basic sack", box, tote or tin. Warning; if you order a sample you may not choose to share it-period!

Sweet Nut Tree Nuts, chocolates, pistachios, jelly bellies, praline pecans, cinnamon almonds in wooden collectibles: Locomotive, boxcar, trailer, tanker, dump truck, forklift, excavator, front end loader, cement mixer, pickup truck and stake truck. Popcorn, chocolate covered caramel corn and pretzels in large 2 1/2 and 3 gallon designer tins, drawstring canvas duffels. Mints, nuts and chocolates in round tins and medium and large decorative gift boxes for 2-5 persons. Apothecary jars too with nuts, miniatures. Special gi small, medium or large gift presentation boxes for chocolates, jelly bellies or Lindt of Switzerland gourmet truffles. Choose from large assortment of candies, candy bars miniatures for each container or wooden collectible.

Time Products Intl. Candy and snack dispensers, gumball machines for table, desk or floor. Jukebox gumball machine, variety of gumball machine sizes. 18 oz. bag of gumballs or 62 oz. box refills.

Logo Dough Cookies and more. Custom cookies in a box. Iced cookies. Toffee and shortbread. "Death by Chocolate" with caramel fudge walnut brownies, chocolate graham crackers and toffee. Drink mixes and nuts-lemonade or margarita, double Dutch hot cocoa. Nut mixes. Cookie dots in a a 16 oz. plastic stadium cup or megaphone.

Yummy Cookies Photo cookies, full color direct imaging on cookies, chocolates, cakes, cupcakes packaged in clear cello bags. Rectangular, round shapes. Mints in small or large tins with photo art. FREE SETUPS-ALL PRODUCTS. Gift boxes and see thru colored bags, multiple cookie gift containers with choice of ribbon color. 4 color art on a delicious edible treat is a delightful way to promote your business. Division of Admints & Zagabor.