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Norwood Rulers: 7" special shaped. 12" or larger too. Flat or beveled. Plastic or vinyl. Clear-VU. Presidents and American flag rulers.

Bay State Low cost plastic rulers 6", 8" 12" and acrylic 12" ruler.

BMI Folding rulers, wooden-professional quality. 6 feet long-inches-one side-metric on reverse side. Perfect for contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Made in Europe. 9 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 5/8". See same Tape Measure listing under our Home Accessories.

Pilgrim Plastics Flat vinyl rulers in various sizes. Some have Presidents of U.S. on one side. Small 6 and 7" rulers and 12" or longer. Custom Sizes too.

Teraco Flat plastic rulers in various sizes and thicknesses.

Falcon/Avaline Wooden rulers their specialty. Beveled, flat or flexible. Many pre-printed with themes. Various sizes. Color-Me rulers and small wooden rulers in color-pak© (with 4 colored pencils). Paint paddles, mason's line blocks, garden grow sticks.

Woodrow Engineering rulers. High end quality and precision beveled and triangular with variation in scales-architectural, civil engineering or metric standard scales. White high impact styrene with black engraved graduations. Color-coded center stripe for 4" triangular scales w/pouch and maple wood center panel for 12" triangular scales with poly sleeve. Double beveled rulers available in 4", 6", 12" and 16". Inches and metric scales. Architectural rulers for building trade. 18" double bevel for graphic arts. 6" & 7" optical suppliers rulers. 5" plastic pocket level. 9" plastic torpedo level. Custom scales available except on triangular rulers. Many products made in USA. Low minimums at 25 pcs.

Alumicolor Aluminum rulers-large variety of styles: triangular with hollow drafting scales, beveled architect and engineer-upscale precision drafting tool. Select-a-scale-multiple scales all in one product connected with rotating rod-6 scales. Straight edge 6" and 12" rulers. Non-slip rulers with straight edges. Handy triangles with or without multiple size circle holes. Anodized aluminum with calibrations that resist cleaning or rubbing off with solvents. Desk rulers in straight edged design in 6", 12" or yardsticks. Alumicutter™measures and cuts without changing tools. Alumicrafter™ 6" ruler is scrapbooker's dream come true. It measures, cuts and tears all in one-with deckle edge and center-finding calibrations make a beautiful natural looking border. Choice of 6 colors in most rulers.

AITG Distinctive rulers in good variety of styles all made of brass or silver-complete with pouch.

Gold Bond Rulers 6" Plastic & 12 1/2". Low Cost. Good quality. Beveled or flat.

Samco Line Plastic and wooden 6" & 12" rulers. Flat or beveled. Choose from optional stock ruler charts on back side. Oven sticks-great home or restaurant safety item. Excellent selection of yardsticks. Choose from generous variety of colors-all rulers.