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Page Flag Dispensers

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Bebco Flag dispensers-plastic in special stock shapes Ex: Heart, tooth, ribbon, circle, capsule, foot, cell phone, light bulb, apple, oval, truck, helmet, bottles, football, house, laptop, number 1, USA map, American flag. Custom shapes available. Plastic molded pad and flag dispensers-some available with pen in slot. Pull and place flag dispensers in cardboard dispensers. Simple flag pads-tear off at will-also available enclosed in pad booklets. Select flags in custom logo shapes. Executive briefs are color-coded flags and sticky-note pads in leatherette booklet-in black, blue or wood grain. Color coded or one color too. All easy lift-off. Great attention-getters.

3M Page flag dispensers-color-coded and easy lift-off in cardboard dispenser with small Post-It NoteĀ® pads. Red flag dispensers and easy lift-off in narrow cardboard dispenser. Covers printed with your precious logo will definitely get their attention. Pens and highlighters with flag dispensers. Large choice of pen barrel colors and flag colors.

Acura Note pens featuring mini yellow adhesive note flags in elegant metal pen in gift box or low cost blue plastic pen-size 5 5/8" x 5/8"d. User just turns the bottom barrel to extend the memo paper out and tears the paper to write a note. Great on-the-go gift for the busy executive.