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Memo Pads-Cubes and Paper Holders

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Norwood Cube Pads all sizes. Special pricing. Use our contact form for more detailed info. 4 color process printing avail. Pallets & pencil hole punching. Variety of sizes and memo pads w/ as few as 10 sheets. Sport sandal paper with foot shaped note pad. Choose blue or red sandal carrier. Note holders in diff. sizes with blank paper. Lots of products with only 3 day production.

3M Original Post-It® Notes in choice of many pastel and neon colors in 25, 50 or 100 sheets. Sheet imprinting available with or without ghost imprint. Post-It® Note cubes in various sizes including half sizes for economy. Choose special custom packaged fan-folded sheet dispensers and choice of many special colors of dispensers with fan-folded notes. Special shapes-stock or custom Post-It® Notes. Page flag markers. Call 866-240-1000 toll free for pricing specials and other details for any product in the 3M line. Frequently special pricing on Post-It® Notes and cubes. Also listed under Post-It® Notes.

Bebco Memo pads in various sizes and standard and custom shapes. Cube pads-All kinds. Page flag markers with adhesive note pad 3"x3". Some of the most extraordinary stock designs sure to get your client's attention.

Cal Pad Memo pads in variety of stock and custom sizes & shapes. Choice of layouts including lines, grids, patriotic phantom background, things to do, shopping list or choose your own copy background. Special shaped themed pads like house, hexagon, telephone, heart, number one, truck or sport ball themes available in round shape with ghost background. Check out useful coupon pad-perfect for that retailer who wants low cost distribution for visiting customers. Hotel pads in variety of sizes with choice 10-25 sheets.

Gold Star Memo cubes in 4 color process printing. Low setup. 3 1/2" square or 2 3/4" square. Up to 4 different color designs included in the price. Sticky-paper cube also available in 4 color process printing. Consider an ensemble with same imprint 4 color low cost pens, twist crayons, flashlights and/or 11 oz. 4 color process ceramic mugs for very attractively priced continuity programs.

Tradenet Publishing Memo pads and famous for long and narrow memo pads with custom copy at very low special prices. Full color memo pads in various sizes at very low prices. Magnetic note pads with your business card adhesive space on top.

Senator Blank memo jotter pads in vinyl or leather holders for pocket or desk. To-Do-List jotters. Xcite™ note wallets-slim sealed vinyl cover combines scuba and silver metallic in trendy spliced design and includes a 50 sheet pad of 3"x3" adhesive notes. Choose from 7 different pad colors.

Strong Memo pads with leather covers in black or brown. Memo jotters for the busy person.

Perfect Line Jotter pads-vinyl cover .30 white sheets with Tiny Tango ballpoint pen. Choice of vinyl colors. Pop 2 Jot pad with pop-up pen-30 white sheet pad. Pop 2 Jot with calculator and Tiny Tango pen & 30 white sheet pad. Choice of vinyl color. Pens, pad and calculator match colors.

Supermatic Jotter pad vinyl covered memo pad-2 5/8" x 5 3/8" with combo mini-pen or any pen you wish. Available in wide choice of colors including Castilian vinyl colors with brass-type corners. The Executive features in Castilian vinyl colors the "Things-to-do" note holder with note cards.

Logomark Memo pad and high quality pen holders with pens or with no pen holder. Fine selection. Individual names and/or your precious logo.

DLX Note pads. Pocket secretary. Memo minder. All in low cost vinyl stitched covers. Large and jr. size lined correspondence and clipboard memo pad refills that can be printed with your corporate or organizational logo. Journal pads with spiral binding in choice of sizes. Generous variety of materials and colors. Made in USA.

Washington Promotional Group Wooden memo holders in choice of cherry or ebony. Laser engraved imprint. Ensemble with pen/pencil wooden holder for a neat desk set. Sticky note holders in variety of woods. Summit stone memo note holders in choice of quality stones with can be laser engraved.

Tonata Memo sticky note pads on elegant silver or black lacquered holder with fine quality ballpoint pen.

Graphik Jotter pads. Top grain leather, simulated leather and vinyl-some with pens. Choice of colors. Simulated leather lined Journals with spiral binding too.

Great Stuff Memo trays, plastic with 100 sheets of paper-6"x4" or without paper. White, clear, smoke, granite. Also trays available in recycled materials Ex: Retired paper currency, sawdust or old yellow pages.

Keystone Memo box caddy with 100 white sheets 6"x4" or w/o paper.

Erell Memo pads featuring perforated note pad and vinyl cover. Various sizes. Square and rectangular shaped adhesive note pads. Large choice of vinyl and suedene materials and colors.