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Language Translators

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Premium Promo USA Pocket translators. Foreign language to English or English to foreign language made easy with the LINGO language translators-hand-held-about 5" long and light 3.5-5 oz. maximum. Choose the one that's right for you. 3 languages, 5 languages, 8 languages, 10 languages, 16 languages, or the Lingo Global 29 languages model. The 10 languages is a talking translator in English-German-French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean and translates over 200,000 words including 23,000 useful and popular phrases. The 29 languages even do Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek and Turkish as well as all the main European and Far East languages-translates over 58,000 words and useful and popular phrases. All of the Lingo translators have a databank for client and/or family information, 8 currency converters, calculator, world time clock, large display and all batteries are included and easily replaced.