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Computer Accessories

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Ad-Tek Mouse pads-High tech mouse pads with handy attached and removable calculators. Some with Auto-scan FM radios/clock too. Special slots hold computer discs and business cards.

Digispec Mouse pads in various sizes and thickness including ultra-thin. Choose from Vynex™ textured matte surface or Krystex™ smooth gloss surface (both with protective laminates) mouse pads. 4 color process printing available. Ask about custom shapes, ex: guitar, piano keyboard, human scull, etc. Big time collection of counter pads and coasters made of same materials. Lenticular 3D mouse pads too.

Washington Promo Group Genuine leather mouse pad 9 1/2" x 8". Wrist rest/paperweight-relieves fatigue-top grains leather. Debossing or foil stamp imprint and/or individual personalization.

Leather Imaging Leather mouse pads 1/4" thick-8"x10"-in 4 color process printing-their specialty.

Golden Express Mouse pads in 4 color scanned reproduction of any picture or existing art at low prices. Low minimums too. Choice of thickness for rubber based mouse pads for less than 4 color printing. Choose from Hi-Tek® or Hi-Definition® color printing for sharper image needs. Choose from 1/16"-1/8" or 1/4" thickness. Of course you could get one color mouse pads too.

Golden Lion Fabric Mouse pads with solar calculators with tilt screen. Choice of five colors.

Points of Light Goofy group of keyboard dust cleaners: Sitting Dusty, duster pen in red or blue barrel and matching duster. Clock rocker w/yellow sunglasses duster w/digital clock.

EvansComputer screen mini cleaners. Cyber Brush™ works effortlessly to remove dirt and dust from hard-to-reach areas on keyboards. Plastic Cubicle clips in varied shapes and colors.

Pretty Darn Quick Monitor and keyboard retractable brush. Screen cleaner keyboard brush with letter slitter. Choice of colors. Fast service, of course.

Bay StateLow cost foam backed mouse pads. Computer self-stick mirror or picture frame for computer monitors. Quick'n Slick™ screen duster and retractable and packable computer duster. Keyboard Companion™ is multi-function plastic tray that holds memos straight up, 2 pen or pencil holes, paper clip dispenser and 3" yellow adhesive notes-100 sheet pad.

Gary Line Mega screen dusters & 3" screen dusters in a variety of transparent or opaque colors. 6" computer clip holds up to 15 sheets of paper and attaches to any monitor, available in lots of colors.

Ace Products Mouse pads-variety of shapes with calculators. Optical mouse, lighted or with USB cord. Retractable mouse. Variety of colors. Low cost-low minimums.

Acura USB ports of all kinds: Metal memory card reader/writer. Light-up memory card reader/writer. USB ports in various sizes including 3-ports w/digital clock. Storage up to 1 Gigabyte. USB Pens and MP3 players too. Multi-Wi-Fi internet detector, wireless multi presenter. Mini optical mice-One of the most sophisticated desktop controllers ever produced, our optical mouse is ideal for people on the go. USB compatible means you can plug it in and go without the hassle of carrying around or installing software. Perfect for any laptop that won't bust your budget. Choose from mini optical, wireless rechargeable, mini 5 keys, mini light-up models.

All in One Line PowerMouse™ for wireless, mini optical, and with 800 DPI chip, wireless rechargeable optical mouse. PowerPointer™ 2 to choose. WiFinder™ detects wireless internet hotspots. WebTalker Earbuds™-plug into computer to make free calls using VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Includes microphone & retractable 4-foot cable. BLUE TOOTH HEADSET for wireless talking up to 30 feet away from your cell phone with high clarity. USB cell phone charger-using computer's USB power quickly charges cell phone. Includes adaptors for Motorola, Ericsson and Nokia. Indispensable for people onR-the-go. Mini Speakers with audio cable plugs into standard jack-4 AA batteries included. Retractable USB extension cable-4 foot retractable for flexibility of length. 18-in-1 Memory card reader for fast file transfer between flash cards, MP3 players, cameras and more.

Jornik Printable computer scroll mice that actually are compatible with any desk PC with their PS2 adapters. Choose from classy silver or translucent or beige. Matching silver mouse pad. The 2 button scroll mouse can be programmed with LINK-tm, a quick link to the advertisers' web site that activated by simply clicking the built-in scroll wheel. Low minimums. Check out cyber Eye rear view mirror mounts on computer. Folds flat for easy mailing. Executive retractable cord caddy.

Promobilia Liquid-filled aqua mouse featuring an internet scrolling wheel and is suitable for operating systems 95-XP.-no software needed. Wireless aqua optical mouse-upgraded model -easy plug and play. Advanced optical technology delivers smooth operation with digital accuracy. Cyber gel mouse pad-smooth cloth surface provides precision mouse tracking w/non slip backing keeping pad securely in place in cool gray polyurethane.

Star Line Static duster, attractive extendable brush, removes dirt from monitor and key boards in 4 translucent colors. PC document holder in translucent colors. PC paper stand and modem cable all in attractive translucent colors.

Rata Mouse pads, lambskin and genuine leather cowhide with rubber backing 8'x 8". Your logo and/or personalized names or initials-the perfect gift for the computer user.

Lewtan Mouse pads and wrist pads and 2 in 1 combinations in various sizes and finishes including Lexan® hard surface. Rubber bases. Variety of thickness. Selected die cut stock shapes for 2 in 1 combos

Points of Light Funky head computer duster pen and Little Dusty computer key board duster. Mouse house for holding your mouse, paper and pen.

Atlantis Sliding computer keyboard brush. The brush retracts into the handle with knob push. Available in black, white and translucent blue, green, purple and red, etc. Size 4"x1 1/4" x 3/4".

Ariel Keyboard dusters-retractable. CD Openers that really cut thru that difficult plastic wrap.

Keystone Screen dusters in variety of colors including translucent. Perfect low-cost idea for computers.