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Desk Planner / Calendar Pads

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Cal Pad Large 22"x17" desk calendar pads with leatherette corners in choice of colors. Desk calendar pads contain Julian Dates at no extra cost to inform the calendar users of working dates used and remaining in the current calendar year, especially important for contractors working with deadlines. Check out excellent selection of 22"x17" desk undated planners available in your choice of 13, 26, and 52 sheets with current year's readout calendar. Lots of different standard feature colors on all these pads that may go well with your corporate colors. Phantom imprint option available. Big time advertising space top and on sides. Long-term proven track record and a big favorite of all who get these desk calendar and desk pads annually. First class selection.l

Bebco Large 22"x17" desk pads. Variety of layouts and styles with lots of space for detail advertising choosing masthead and/or vertical spacing. Julian Dates a viable option that tells you how many days have been used and are left in the current calendar year. Leatherette corners-many colors.

Eagle Large 22"x17" desk calendar pads. Variety of layouts padded styles with leatherette corners-optional. Lots of ad space and special designs for weekly/daily by hour planner spacing. Graph pads. 16 month planner or non-dated 52 sheet pad available also. Create your own design here too.

Fey Line Deluxe daily planner 11 1/4" x 9". High quality two color ruled calendar pad with leatherette topper. Half tone (phantom) art welcome for center of calendar pad. Perfect when a planner is needed and available desk space is limited.

Le Baron Large 22"x17" desk calendar pads. Variety of layouts and styles with lots of advertising space for large layouts and listed products, brands and services. Choose your color of leatherette corners.